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The newest Radley signature bag is called "Fun in the Sun".

Radley Fun in the Sun bagDesigned for the 2014 Spring/Summer season this handbag has all the details and fun you would come to expect from Radley.

Featuring a typical summer scene on the beach we have the scottie dog playing on the beach dressed in a rather fetching swimming trunks.

On the horizon is a stunning sun set and a yacht is silhouetted against this background.

One of the most attractive features of this design is the detailing, especially on the deckchairs which look so real they almost pop out of the design.

There is also a nicely drawn sand castle to complete the scene.

Radley Bags-what's so special about them ?

With the launch of Radley's newest signature bag for Spring/Summer 2012 we thought we would also give you a comprehensive history below of the history of Radley.
For those of you who are already fans of the brand then you may already know that the new Radley picture bag for 2012 is called "Happy Camper" and it's now available to buy.
The handbag features the scottie dog in a very British scene trying i.e. on a caravan holiday and you can see in the design that the mischievous dog is trying to steal some sausages from the barbecue. This sense of fun is what sets Radley apart from so many other handbag manufacturers.

The company have only been in existence for around twelve years and yet in that short space of time they have become the best selling handbag brand in the U.K. If you consider that more established and more “glamourous” brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Chanel have all been put into the shade by Radley then it really puts the company’s stellar success into some kind of perspective.

It begs the question, how does a handbag brand that was only created twelve years ago become more popular than the luxury giants of Chanel et al many of which have been global luxury brands for the best part of 60 + years.

A simple answer to that question would be that Radley create handbags that are affordable. They can create a bag using the finest leather available and produce a handbag that is just as good in terms of quality as anything that Gucci or Chanel might be able to produce.

The difference is Radley price their products to make them affordable and accessible to more people whilst the other luxury handbag makers have kind of painted themselves into a corner as they cannot produce a bag that sells for "only" £ 125 as it dilutes their luxury brand. You will also find that there is almost a collector's level of interest in Radley and you will find many such items for sale on our pages from people who have spent years collecting these handbags

So how did Radley start ?

In the 1990’s a young Australian architect, by the name of Lowell Harder was travelling through England. Whilst on her travels she met and eventually married a Dane a lowell hardernd the couple later went on to have three children. English architecture did nothing to inspire Lowell Harder and she soon started to think of ways to channel her creative energy aside from looking after her young family.

The spark of inspiration came when her bohemian cousin returned from a recent trip to India with some vegetable tan leather bags and Lowell Harder was immediately struck by the unique designs. She contacted the person in India who made the bags and shortly after she was having her own designed bags manufactured in India.

In the early days her bags were nothing too elaborate and tended to be rather casual working bags and ethnic, leather handbags. Mrs Harder started to sell her bags from a market stall at Camden market just two days a week. The brand name she used at the time was “Hidedesign”. Not only were the bags popular with shoppers but with other retailers who started approaching Lowell Harder enquiring if they could order bags from her to resell in their stores.

Word was starting to spread and one day John Lewis contacted her to discuss stocking her bags. A subsequent meeting with one of the buyers led to a firm offer from the retail giant for Lowell Harder to manufacture and supply John Lewis with her own bags. However, the sheer scale of the orders meant that Lowell Harder couldn’t financially support the order. Thankfully, she was able to receive backing from Tula, the famous handbag producer, and agreed to design bags for them under the brand name of “Radley”.

Her designs were a commercial success and her confidence began to grow. radley logo Lowell Harder’s love of dogs led to the inclusion a West Highland terrier dog on some of her designs and when these bags flew off the shelves she was encouraged to incorporate the dog into every design. Today the terrier dog is now the Radley logo and appears on all Radley bags.

Radley launch a new collection every season and perhaps the most eagerly anticipated item from their collection is the Radley signature bag, also known as the Radley picture bag. The signature bag features a colourful scene consisting of appliquéd leather featuring the famous Radley terrier dog in a variety of scenes which reflects the radley by the seaside season the handbag is launched. For example, one of the older signature bags for Spring/Summer was titled “Beside the Seaside” and featured Radley the dog on a beach flying a kite. The colours used in this design were bright pastel colours such as sand and aqua. Not every Radley picture bag design has such a close reference to the season it was launched as the picture bag for Autumn/Winter 2009 featured Radley the dog in a jungle scene !

The latest Radley signature bag for Spring/Summer 2012 is called "Happy Camper" which features a typical British holiday scene. You can view it on Radley's website here

Although the signature bag is Radley’s flagship handbag the company also produces a range of very stylish and fashionable bags. Messenger bags, also known as cross body bags are extremely popular and come in a variety of styles and colours.

Radley have expanded their range to now include purses, luggage, keyrings, passport holders, you can even buy a Radley umbrella.

The company is now starting to sell in the U.S.A. and initial feedback has been extremely positive.

Our website has been put together with the Radley lover in mind. If you’re looking for a new or used handbag then this is THE place to find it on the internet. Vintage, classic Radleys are no longer available to buy in the shops but you can find them here. You will also find savings on brand new handbags compared to the high street or other online stores. If you’re still not sure about buying Radley on Ebay then do a simple price comparison test. If you find a bag you’re interested in buying on another website OR on the high street, make a note of the name e.g. Tearaway bag and then type that into the search box at the top of this page-we’re confident you won’t be disappointed.
Since we created this website dedicated to everything Radley the company have launched a new range of accessories. Today you can buy sunglasses, ipod holders and even Radley shoes !






































































































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