Radley Port of Call Signature bag

Radley's new signature bag for Spring/Summer 2011 is out to buy now. Known as "Port of Call" it features Radley the scottie dog on board a sailing boat out at sea.
As usual with a Radley signature bag there is plenty of detail to admire. The sails on the boat are multi patterned. Radley the dog cuts quite a dashing figure in a sailor suit and the name of the boat he is sailing is called "Radley". At the back of the boat is a small Union Jack.
Ahead of the boat is a red buoy with a seagull sat on it. Quite a bit of detail has gone into the stitching of the seagull with the beak, legs, eyes and legs all showing some nice attention.
There are a couple of fluffy clouds in the sky with patternsradley-port-of-call-anchor that are reflected from the sails and Radley's sailor's suit.
For the first time the Radley dog tag is missing and has been replaced with a red leather anchor attached with a lovely rope detail to the bag.
The attached coin purse is also very cute featuring a lifesaver.
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