How to care for your Radley leather bag

Most leather bags on the high street are not treated which allows them to age naturally which gives a unique finish and character to each and every bag.
Many of Radley's bags are made this way and upon purchase one of the first things you should do is to treat your handbag with a leather protector as this will form a barrier that helps to prevent stains. Radley produce their own leather cream but there are other brands that could work just as effectively.
It also helps to keep your bag away from oil based products such as make up, foods etc. Oily marks on leather can be extremely difficult to remove and it would be a shame to mark your new handbag with an unsightly stain.
If your Radley bag comes with a protective dust bag then use it when not in use. Handbags can easily be damaged and scuffed when they're only in the wardrobe. Likewise, it's a good idea to stuff your bag with newspaper so it retains it's shape.
It's a good idea to avoid leaving your Radley bag in direct sunlight as excessive amounts of direct sunlight can also be harsh on the leather.

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