How to avoid buying fake Radley products on internet auction sites.

If you see a Radley bag/purse with the name "Radley" emblazoned on the Scottie dog logo then this is a fake as Radley do not have the "Radley" name on the dog logo. The only exception to this is on the cardboard swing tag that hangs on the outside of the bag.
Radley purses and Radley handbags are sold with a leather care package which includes a bottle of leather cream cleanser.
Also, Radley bags, Radley purses and other Radley leather products come in a protective drawstring bag. It's worth asking the seller if the product is being sold with this.
Genuine Radley bags have a shiny, cardboard tag on the outside. A fake Radley label will have a "red dog" at the bottom. Also look out for this tell tale sign on Radley purses and other Radley items
The Radley dog logo (made from leather) can be easily remove from the bag. Fake bags often have the dog logo permanently attached to the bag.
As with most internet auction sites it's possible to gauge the credibility of the seller by the feedback rating of that person. "Feedback rating" is the accumulated score of positive reports from previous buyers for that particular seller. The higher the rating then the more likely the seller is a "stand up guy". Be sure to check previous feedback for the seller as negative reports can be found there.
If you're not sure about the product then ask to see more photos. If they're reluctant to provide these then that could be another indication that something isn't quite right.
A seller with a low feedback rating doesn't necessarily mean they are trying to cheat you. They could simply be a new Ebay seller. In many cases, these people often offer the best deals as they are not professional dealers but the fact they have a low feedback rating should be balanced against everything else.
As from September 2008, Radley have introduced a new authentication tag that will feature on all Radley handbags from this time onwards. This tag takes the form of a printed LCD label that changes from light to dark when raised to the light. Radley are the first handbag brand to bring this form of counterfeit security to their products alongside the embossed Radley aluminium logo inside each Radley bag the company hopes to eliminate rogue traders from making money off the back of the Radley brand.

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