Radley Butterfly Purses

Many Radley purses are best described as "wallets" as they do not have a clasp like a traditional purse would have. However, for the sake of reference (and to avoid confusion) we will refer to them as Radley purses and not Radley wallets.
Radley Butterfly Purses are made from the finest leather available (just what you would expect from a Radley product). The Radley Butterfly Purse comes in a variety of different colours and styles and features the famous Radley scottie dog chasing a colourful butterfly.........awwwww.
The Butterfly purse is available as a zip coin purse and also as a flap-over wallet. There are different features of Butterfly purses depending on which one you buy but you can expect the usual Radley features such as credit card slots,  double gussett and inside key holder although be sure to check the features of the butterfly purse you are interested in.
If we don't have any Radley "Butterfly" purses in stock then please keep re-visiting our store to check availability.
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